2023, May 29 - June 1

Open the Med sailing season
Come & join the 7th edition of the Ibiza Gold Cup


...turquoise waters

Moor at a different hidden spot every day,
forming the most surprising regatta conditions
of the Mediterranean.


Authentic Ibiza

Enjoy unforgettable (beach) locations
with our own limited sailors group
accompanied with a highly engaging and
above all surprising social program
in world's most vibrant location: IBIZA !


It’s Regatta Time; Sailing from Bay-2-Bay by Day.

Participation is limited !

Open the Med regatta season and join the Ibiza Gold Cup from May 29th – June 1st. An exclusive sailing event for 60ft+ yachts (Performance cruiser, Cruisers & Classics). We combine 3 days of competitive sailing from bay-2-bay with an all-inclusive surprising social program at daily different venues with entertainment in the evenings resulting in great group dynamics. Ideal circumstances for teams to (carefree) train, compete, relax, network but enjoy above all.

Sports and teamwork combined with the most idyllic regatta conditions of the Mediterranean. The ideal start of the Mediterranean regatta calendar and to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Ibiza during the opening season.

To get right vibes already, click the image below & check out our own Soundcloud channel
with ‘Big boats, Big beats’ mixes of last editions.

Big Boats, Big Beats !

TNG Swiss Watches; our official timekeeper !